Pastor Appreciation Day Poems

Writing a Pastor Appreciation Day poems is a great way to honor and appreciate your pastors, priests, ministers, reverends, etc. who serve and lead congregations.

God’s big enough to take care of everyone, but he wants to work through you. He would like to use you, to reach out to your pastor with love, and honor him in a special way. So what should you do? Here are some wonderful pastor appreciation poems that may help you.

Choose from seven pastor appreciation poems or write your own to go along with your Pastor Appreciation Day gifts. Customizing a crystal appreciation plaque is a wonderful idea. You begin by choosing any title or date. Then, poems and sentiments can be transferred onto a handsomely designed shimmering crystal plaque.

End with your own grateful sentiments to create a truly personalized Pastor Appreciation Day keepsake he’ll treasure always! More at

I Worship You, Pastor

With a glance of your eyes could plunder all the wealth of songs struck from poets’ harps My pastor! But for their praises you have no ear Therefore I come to praise you You could humble at your feet the proudest heads in the world. But it is your loved ones, Unknown to fame, Whom you choose to worship, Therefore I worship you. The perfection of your arms would add glory to kingly splendor with their touch. But you use them to sweep away the dust, And to make clean our humble soul, Therefore I am filled with awe

My Appreciation Song

This song of mine will wind its music around you, My Pastor, Like the fond arms of love This appreciation song of mine will touch Your forehead like a kiss of blessing. When you are alone It will sit by your side And whisper in your ear, When you are in the crowd It will fence you about with aloofness My appreciation song will be like A pair of wings to your dreams, It will transport your heart to the verge of the unknown. It will be like the faithful star overhead When dark night is over your road. My Appreciation song will sit in the pails of your eyes, And will carry your sight into the heart of things.

The Very Best Pastor Appreciation

This poem was written for Pastor Appreciation Day. Who knows your pastor better than the Good Shepherd? This poem, Pastor, is just for you, We want to give our best, But wait ’til heaven, wait ’til heaven, The place of happy rest. Today it’s time to decorate To thank you is our duty, But wait ’til heaven, where you’ll see, Most brilliant stunning beauty. Today we’re here to say our thanks, With voices loud and fervent, Read more>>

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My Pastor Appreciation…

This pastor appreciation poem was written by little boy, he used his warm and beautiful words show his gratitude and love for pastor. It hardly seems six year ago, That God loaned you to this church Though Satan tried to thwart God’s plan To confuse and leave us in a lurch You came in here, Listened and watched Exactly as a new good shepherd should do You prayed, you stayed… Read more>>>

Pastor and A Blind Girl

This is a poem for Pastor Appreciation Day, written by a blind girl, for her pastor and thank him for helping her to find love and confidence of life. One morning in the flower garden A blind girl came to offer you a flower chain In the cover of a lotus leaf. You put it round your neck, And tears came to your eyes. You kissed her and said, “You are blind even as the flowers are.” “You yourself know not how beautiful is your gift.”

Pastor’s Wreath

A pastor is willing to give his life for the congregation, dedicated to spiritually feeding those under his care, just like this poem said that he had woven his wreath for everyone who need him. Would you put my wreath of fresh flowers on your neck, My pastor? But I must know that The one wreath that you had woven is for the many, For those who are seen in glimpses, Or dwell in lands unexplored, Or live in poets’ songs.


On Pastor Appreciation Day, and always, remember that our pastors, clergies, priests, or reverend while here on earth are not angels, they’re only human, and can only do so much. They also need our sincere benediction. Bless this great heat. This white soul that has won the kiss of heaven for our earth. He loves the light of the sun, He loves the sight of his mother’s face. He tells us that Never learned to despise the dust, And to hanker after gold Clap him to your hear and bless him. He has come into this land of an hundred cross – roads.

Paper Boats for Apostle

This is a appreciation poem for Apostle Dr. Eriq T. Harris, Sr.. The best pastor of all is Jesus, who said, “I am the Good Shepherd.” No one knows your pastor’s heart and what he truly needs better than the Good Shepherd. But we still want to do something to let him our appreciation and love. Day by day I float my paper boats one by one down the running stream. In big black letters I write my sincere appreciation on them And the your name, Apostle Dr. Eriq T. Harris, Sr. I hope that some in some strange land will find them And know who you are And also bless you I load my little boats with shiuli flowers from our garden, And hope that these blooms of the dawn Will be carried safetly to land in the night.

Celebration Ideas for Pastor Appreciation Day

Pastor appreciation day provides an opportunity to take action to show our appreciation and support for our pastor. It would be a great encouragement for the pastors while they receive your thoughtful celebration ideas of Pastor Appreciation Day, that’s the reason why we celebrate the Pastor Appreciation Day.

Be creative in expressing pastor appreciation. Let these collected pastor appreciation ideas release your creativity in honoring your pastor.

Pastor Appreciation Day Activities Ideas

It is right time to plan some Pastor Appreciation Day activities to help pastors have wonderful holiday. In all of your activities, remember that Pastor Appreciation Day is not about glorifying a man or a woman. It is a Biblically consistent opportunity to recognize and encourage those whom God has called to proclaim his message and lead and lead His people.

It is a time when the entire congregation can become unified in celebration of what God is doing in its midst. Perhaps some of the following celebration ideas may work for your congregation or may inspire you to create your own.

  • Determine an appropriate level of involvement for your church.
  • Team up with your local Christian bookstore or radio station to recognize and honor your pastoral families through activities appropriate to your community.
  • A pastor appreciation event could include a special welcome your clergy with slides, selected pastor appreciation poems, favorite songs, and a few testimonies by the children of your congregation.
  • Hold a people-pleasing’ pizza party. Plan an informal time of sharing and caring around lots and lots of pizza and pop. If your pastoral families love pizza, give them certificates to local pizza parlor to last throughout the year.
  • Plan a special banquet in honor of your pastors.
  • Urge the Sunday school and other children’s groups to make creative appreciation messages for the staff using construction paper and bright colors.
  • Plan a tree or some shrubs in honour of your pastoral staff.
  • Improve your pastor’s working environment by upgrading or expanding his office or study, adding bookcases and file cabinets, or replacing out-of-date office equipment and furniture.
  • Create a pastors’ hall fame in your church with photos and memorabilia of your present and past ministers.

Pastor Appreciation Gifts Ideas

Genuine appreciation is much more than just scheduling pastor appreciation day activities, choosing appropriate pastor appreciation gifts will be also important way to express pastor appreciation and encouragement for our pastor.

There are many types of thank you pastor tributes available this holiday season, including special pastor appreciation wording of encouragement for pastor, customizing personalized pastor gifts, explore pastor’s family appreciation ideas to encourage pastor appreciation gift giving.

Express Pastor Appreciation through Special Pastor Wording of Encouragement for Pastor

  • Creatively communicate words of encouragement to your pastor for his or her service to God and the Church.
  • Present your pastor with meaningful pastor appreciation gifts. Pastor gifts can given not only during pastor appreciation month but also throughout the year like the Father’s Day, Parents’ Day, Christmas Day, Pastor retirement etc.
  • Take notes of your pastor’s preaching, hopefully of the sermon.
  • Say “amen” when the pastor proclaims spiritual truth, because “amen” means “so be it!” and “right on!”.
  • Give a good report about your pastor, bragging about your pastor in such a way that your relatives and friends just might want to attend church just to meet such a wonderful person.
  • Actually listen to your pastor’s sermons.
  • Listen to the Pastor Appreciation Day Speech and share your points with your pastor.

Customizing Personalized Pastor Gifts

Contact a local company and order a small plaque for your pastor. Face it, are plastic and metal trophies or wooden plaques really what you want decorating your office? Of course, choose the crystal.

Crystal plaques/awards have clear perfections and sparkling reflections that attract attention and says “You’re special”. It doesn’t matter where they are displayed. As long as there is light, the crystal trophies will sparkle and attract attention.

In another way, crystal is the symbol for “purity”, “innocence” and “virginity” just the symbol of pastor’s spirit and selfless contribution. Many kinds of online trophy stores like offers the DIY (Design It Yourself) service that you can design your own pastor appreciation plaque/award according to the tastes and interests of your pastor.

Celebration Ideas for Pastor Appreciation DayDon’t forget engraved your pastor appreciation quotes or poems on the pastor tribute, they will highlight the crystal plaque/award. Pastor will know your appreciation and recognition while they read those appreciation wording.

The engraving also be use to convey the warm personal wishes of pastor’s family and friends who have come to share in the celebration.

Explore Pastor’s Family Appreciation Ideas to Encourage Pastor Appreciation Gift Giving

  • Be aware of the unique needs of the pastor’s children, providing financial help for church children’s camp or church teen camps as well as youth group retreats.
  • Surprise you pastor and spouse with a cruise or vacation package to special destination you’ve heard them talk about.
  • Invite them to a dinner or party with your family and friends.
  • Send the Pastor Appreciation Day gifts basket includes thoughtful gifts of pastor’s kids and pastor’s wife.
  • Bless your pastor’s family all year round with a simple greeting card expressing these sentiments in your own words.
  • Taking pastor’s children out with your kids and leave enough time for pastor and his wife. A pastor’s wife needs time alone with her husband.
  • A walk in your woods with her husband.