Welcome Gift Ideas for New Pastor


Moving to a new church family can be a daunting undertaking. There are so many unknowns just as a new church member; so imagine the complexity of moving as a new church pastor. The uncertainty of church dynamics, the solitude of a new city or community, the leap of faith as your pastor takes on the weighty task of leading a new congregation. With so many “what ifs” and question marks in the mix the one part of your new pastor’s transition that shouldn’t be stressful is the move itself. Which is why a well-chosen welcome gift for new pastor might be just the right move.

Welcome Gift for New Pastor - The Gift of Careful Planning

When you are thinking of welcome gift ideas for your new pastor, remember that not every gift has to be store bought and tangible. A carefully thought out transitional plan can ease the stress of the move for your pastor and make him feel valuable and important.

Church Leadership put out a 50 point checklist on welcoming a new pastor; it covers everything from the spiritual preparation and administrative preparation to helping connect a new pastor with his new community. One section that’s perfectly suited to a welcome gift for new pastor is the excerpt that describes making things move in ready. That section is transcribed below:

  • Make sure the parsonage and pastor’s office are clean and ready. Offer to provide help or a cleaning service if needed.
  • Determine if the parsonage is in need of repairs or painting. Consult the outgoing and incoming pastors about timing so as not to disrupt the lives of either party. Do not ask a new pastor to move into a parsonage “under construction.”
  • Consult the new pastor on any paint, design, or furnishings issues.
  • Offer to have someone cut the parsonage grass.
  • Make sure the new pastor and church officials are clear on how moving expenses are paid and all matters related to compensation, benefits, and reimbursement policies.

These simple almost obvious measures can be more of a gift than anything available at a department store. Read the whole list here.

Something to Set the Tone to Welcome the New Pastor

If you’re wracking your brains for elegant gift ideas for new pastor, the obvious choice is a keepsake that will last as long, or longer, than your new pastor’s tenure. Choose something timeless, not trendy, and something that can be personalized. Brass nameplates, wooden keepsakes and glass ornaments are all acceptable, but none of them really sing with originality or fine craftsmanship. If you choose a crystal keepsake like those offered at DIY Awards, you’re sure to impress your new pastor and brighten up his office with a gorgeous, personalized piece.

Pastor Appreciation Plaque: This beautiful, self-supporting plaque has stunning detail and is perfect for engraving. Just imagine a beautiful pastor appreciation scripture as an accent!

Pastor/Priest Appreciation Gift Plaque: Just in time for Pastor Appreciation Month, this gorgeous, angular piece is sure to make any new pastor feel at home.