Pastor Installation

What is Pastor Installation?

Once an individual has recognized and declared a desire to join the ministry, the real fun begins! In what role will that person serve? Where will that individual carry out his or her ministerial vision? What kind of congregational support can he or she expect? There is so much left to unravel once the decision to work through God has been made, and installation is the crowning moment of that part of the journey.

According to Opposing Views installation is a meaningful event for both the pastor and his or her congregation. “It is an occasion to recognize the calling of the pastor, to acknowledge his responsibilities and duties, and to remind the congregation of their duty to follow their new pastor's lead.”

The Unitarian Universalist Association asserts installation in a church is an act of a local society and a congregational vote is usually involved. The installation, which is almost always marked with a ceremonial service, is designed to highlight the bond between a minister and congregation.

ELCA outlines a detailed installation service program for installing a pastor who has been previously ordained. The bishop, or an ordained minister designated by the bishop, presides at the installation of a pastor.