Ministry Appreciation holidays

Members of the clergy, ministry team and church leadership pour their heart and soul into what they do on a daily basis. Their career path is so much more than a job; it’s a foray into the spiritual wilderness. As a member of the ministry, you never know what you’ll be called to do. One day you might counsel a troubled teen, the next day you may comfort a grieving widow, the day after that, you might be tasked with planning a church celebration. No matter the job to do, the one thing that’s constant is devotion to God, which is why ministry appreciation simply can’t be overlooked.

Personalized Pastor Appreciation Gift Plaques

Pastor Appreciation Holidays

The pastor or priest is often referred to as the shepherd of a church or congregation. He delivers the message on Sunday, but is also responsible for filling the spiritual guide role. When people are grieving, questioning their faith or struggling to understand God’s plan for them, the first person they turn to is their pastor.

To pay respect to the holy profession, many in the Christian community celebrate Pastor Appreciation Day, Pastor Appreciation Week and even Pastor Appreciation Month. The second Sunday in October is usually designated Pastor Appreciation Day and many church communities use the week leading up to that Sunday, or even the entire month surrounding it, to celebrate. Gifts, parties and projects all color this special time, but it is the gesture itself that usually means the most to a pastor or priest. Ministry to Children gives a little background about the holiday as well as giving it some context when it comes to educating young people about the pastoral role. Read more here. Visit their site to download pastor appreciation material and activities for children, like the coloring sheet below.

pastor appreciation materials and activities for children