Pastor and Wife Anniversary Celebration Ideas

Are you the lucky one at your parish charged with heading up the celebration for your pastor and wife’s wedding anniversary? What a great honor and also, great responsibility. Celebrating the marriage of two people who have chosen to honor God first, and their family second is no small task. It’s a celebration that should be heralded with great joy, but the solemnity of the milestone shouldn’t be overshadowed either. The key to a successful anniversary celebration is organization, creativity and timeless romance.

Celebrating the wedding anniversary of your pastor and his wife isn’t something you get to do every day, especially if it’s a milestone anniversary so don’t scrimp on the sentimental. Make sure your decorations shimmer with a little romance and get the congregation involved when it comes to recalling special memories. Here’s an activity suggestion that’s straightforward and lovely from Pam Griffis, a contributor.

“How about a party memory book? This could be done ahead of time or as the guests arrive. Have everyone send or bring photos of themselves with the guests of honor. Along with the pictures have them write a heartwarming or amusing story about the couple and themselves .If you like, some of these could be read aloud by the donors.”

This simple suggestion doubles as both a gift for pastor and his wife and an activity and gets all the attendees involved. What a wonderful way to remember a marriage, and a special celebration.