Father's Day Poems for Pastor

As a pastor's kid, are you looking for a fabulous Father's Day gifts but have no good ideas? You may have no enough money to buy the perfect Father's Day gift for your special father who is great pastor. Why don't you write your own appreciation poems for your father? It will be simple but meaningful; you can imagine the happy smile on your father while he read your sincere Father's Day poem.

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For some, writing a poem is as natural as riding a bike, but for the majority of us, apart from needing a pen and paper, we don’t know where to start. Here are top 5 Father's Day Poems for your pastor father may help you.

My Father

by Brix Ambray

His soul strengthens mine,

His smile encourages everyone

He is my number one fan,

A great father and only one

He is far from us to work

His presence is always with me..

And he always reminds me

To be a good boy and prioritize my study

His personality is strong,

Yet full of life.

With authority, courage and love

He is a good husband and a good father,

A good son, a friend and a teacher..

I am proud to bear his name,

To have his blood...

And to be his child.

Father's Day Poems for Pastor

A Father

by Beautiful Chaos

A father never wants to see

His child goes astray

Every day he tries his best

To help you on your way

Knows at times you'll have to fail

Learn things on your own

No matter how it hurts to see

His baby bird has flown

Protector of a youthful heart

Consoler of all pains

A hero in the eyes of love

The blood within your veins

Child love your father now

Give him all your praise

Our time in life is limited

Wisely use these days

Give back all he's given you

This love is something rare

It's flow is unconditional

Strength beyond compare

Father's Day Poems for Pastor

Happy Fathers Day


Today of all the other 365 days of the year is Fathers Day

hopefully the sky will be clear

Today is the days children tell their daddy's they love them

but I think that's stupid,

I don't agree with them

because if they had my daddy

They are very lucky to have someone as lovely as him

to have someone who's always there for you,

From the beginning to the end

And so i feel bad, because i couldn't ask for anyone better

and I should tell him,

I love you, whatever the weather

But thank god for today,

Because otherwise I wouldn't of said anything and then concourse

Daddy would never know how much he means to me today

I'll tell him i love him and that I'm sorry

Sorry i ever disappointed him, forgive me?

Father's Day Poems for Pastor


My Dad

When I was just a tiny kid,

Do you remember when,

The time you kissed my bruises,

Or cleaned by soiled chin?

You scrambled for the balls I hit,

(Short-winded more than not,)

Yet, every time we'd play a game,

You praised the "outs" I caught.

It seems like only yesterday,

You wiped away my tears,

And late at night I called your name,

To chase away my fears.

Though time has changed your handsome grip,

Your hair is snowy white,

You gait's a little slower now,

Thick glasses help your sight.

Oh, do I thirst for years gone by,

To be that growing lad,

Re-living all of the memories,

Of growing with my dad.

Father's Day Poems for Pastor

Special Dad

Trinity Pratt
My dad is very special,

He's not just a dad but a friend;

For he knows where there is a Difference,

When one should start and the other end.

He's my dad when I need real guidance,

But if I need a pal for a while,

He's right there in each situation,

Not with just concern, but a smile.

Kids need someone like that,

To help them draw that line,

Between what is right and wrong.

Sometimes the difference is hard to define.

So I'd like to thank Dad for being there,

For helping me all the way.

And to all the Dads who stand by their kids,

God bless you this Father's Day.