Christmas Wording Ideas for Pastor

Is there a more festive time a year than Christmas? Frosty weather and cheerful decorations set the stage for one of the most joyous and holy Christian holidays; celebrated by millions of people each year on December 25. The Christmas season makes people feel naturally generous of spirit and excited to see what the holiday brings. Capitalize on all the merriment by inviting fellow parishioners to come up with blessed Christmas messages or notes in your own word. Nothings says I appreciate you like a lively Christmas poem for pastor.

Personalized Pastor Appreciation Gift Plaques

Short and Sweet

Get the children involved in this simple acrostic poem exercise. Give each child a sheet of red of green construction paper and encourage them to decorate it with a beautiful wreath, lush Christmas tree or glorious angel. Use glitter, sequins and pine needles to give the artwork texture. On the left hand side of the page, write your pastor’s name straight down and encourage each child to create his or her own acrostic. For example:

Positive encourager

Astoundingly kind

Silly at times

Truthful and trustworthy

Orator of epic proportions

Reasonable and fair


Distinguished scholar

Awesome and inspiring

Very committed

Illuminating and interesting

Divinely talented

Encourage younger children to work with older siblings on their acrostic and when the children are finished, gather the final product, put the special poems in a lovely box; silk-lined or perhaps collaged, and present the collection to your pastor as a sure-to-be-cherished Christmas gift.

Lyrical and Festive

Lilting Christmas carols and Christmas poems or pastor make the holidays a little brighter. There are some lovely, concise poems already written, if you aren’t up for penning on of your own. Consider writing one on a little piece of stationary, rolling it like a scroll, popping it into a small stocking and garnishing the gift with a few candy canes or peppermint sticks. It’s a simple gift that will make your pastor smile long after December 25th.

Here are a few examples from Coolest Holiday Parties

A song was heard at Christmas
To wake the midnight sky:
A saviour's birth, and peace on earth,
And praise to God on high.
The angels sang at Christmas
With all the hosts above,
And still we sing the newborn King
His glory and his love.

Written by Timothy Dudley-Smith


Christmas hath darkness
Brighter than the blazing noon,
Christmas hath a chillness
Warmer than the heat of June,
Christmas hath a beauty
Lovelier than the world can show:
For Christmas bringeth Jesus,
Brought for us so low.
Earth, strike up your music,
Birds that sing and bells that ring;
Heaven hath answering music
For all Angels soon to sing:
Earth, put on your whitest
Bridal robe of spotless snow:
For Christmas bringeth Jesus,
Brought for us so low.

Written by Christina Rossetti


Inscribe It

While these poems are so lovely they’d look good anywhere, a crystal keepsake, sparkling in a glow of a Christmas fire, would make these lyrical gems shine that much brighter.

This Pastor Appreciation Cross Plaque has a good shape for engraving and is designed with flawless detail. Christmas poems for pastor would fit ideally on this beautifully crafted gift.

Christmas poems for pastor are a wonderful way to make the holiday season come alive!