Father's day gifts for pastor

If you have ever read the "Father's Day for Pastor" you may be interested in those tips to celebrate the special day for pastor. This article go on share Father's Day gift ideas with us, I hope you can show your special appreciation and support through this day.

Personalized Pastor Appreciation Gift Plaques

You pastor can't refuse the unique and personalized Father's Day gifts while he received too many usual pastor appreciation gifts. You can spend more time collecting many kinds of unique pastor gifts what your pastor maybe interested in them.

Here are 10 unusual Father's Day gifts are worth of your collection.

1. Personalized Photo Calendar

A personalized photo calendar is a great gift! Choose pictures documenting special pastor's family memories or pictures of places your pastor's family are planning on visiting in the next year!
2. Family History

Get him a copy of your pastor family history and ancestral records. Have it prepared and framed with a special message. Then engraved this history on the crystal award, this will be very unique Father's day gift.

[Click herer to see how to make the DIY pastor award]

3. Juicer

A juicer is a great gift for the pastor if he is health father. If he hasn't started juicing yet, he will love the way he feels and be forever grateful!

4. Father Reunion

If your pastor has children out of the house or family living far away, arrange for the whole family, their friends who are also the father, their colleague and you to get together for a special surprise reunion!

5. Audio Bible Software

You may be interested in the Talking Bible. This is nice gift for your pastor, there are lots of Bible software packages available that provide the ability to search the Bible search Bible. The talking Bible software is great for people that don't know English well or don't know how to pronounce all the different Bible names.

6. Love story from pastor's kids

Pastor's kids don't have a whole lot of spending money, and homemade gifts are definitely the most personal. Encourage pastor kids to write a love story of a special time they spent with Dad, illustrating the pages with their own drawings.

7. Smile box

Give your pastor the gift that will help him remember this special Father's Day. Create an actual book of photo memories. Try it and see how easy it is to give the gift that will always be remembered. Create and preserve a Smile box scrapbook in minutes! Just drag photos, videos, music, and words into amazing scrapbook designs.

8. Sports fans gifts

Men love their sports paraphernalia so maybe an autographed ball or jersey by his favorite athlete would be his thing. If you pastor is the sports fan this will be nice Father's Day gift for him.

9. Medical Equipment

A piece of medical equipment, especially the home medical equipment would be good enough, and it is very good for pastor's family. This choice reveals your intention of paying close attention to the health of your pastor.

10. Wireless reading devices

Wireless reading devices are well suited for fathers. This is especially great for working fathers. This is especially great for working fathers which can be very useful for business purposes. Such device can be uploaded with recent personal development eBooks, company brochures and product manuals. This is also perfect for retiring or retired fathers as this would come in handy for reading their favorite novels, eBooks, and news magazines.