Being A Pastor’s Wife

What is life like for those who have chosen to commit themselves to a man of God? There is no simple answer to that question, but there’s a lot to be said. The experience for every pastor’s wife is a little different, just as every church and every church leader is. One thing that can be said, across the board, for each and every pastor’s wife, is that she must be a woman of great faith, spiritual confidence and patience.

Keeping the Faith     

The faith of a pastor’s wife must be sound and dynamic. Because pastors are charged with guiding a flock of parishioners and overseeing the spiritual health of each and every member of that flock, a pastor’s wife must be able to relate. Trust in her husband’s work and belief that he is doing something worthwhile is an important part of marriage to a pastor. More important still is an independent relationship with God, something a pastor’s wife can nurture and pray over on her own.