Pastor Wife Appreciation

Pastor's Wife

A pastor’s wife is often in the shadow of the man who fills the pulpit every Sunday. Most of the time, she is pleased that God has called her husband to this place of selfless service, but there are days when she wishes for a more “normal” life.

She listens to her husband’s dreams for the ministry, and creates a safe haven for him when it seems he has no friends. She loves and respects him, prays for him, and serves him. But who will listen to, encourage, and pray for her needs?

What Is the Role of the Pastor's Wife?

The pastor’s wife is certainly a rare species with a very peculiar calling. She is one flesh with the pastor.

And if he is worthy of the title, this means she is one flesh with a difficult man. If she is worthy of her calling, it also means she has laid down the “normal life” on the altar and slit its throat in sacrifice to God.

The pastor’s wife will often keep her husband’s long hours, shoulder his pressures, feel his disappointments, and suffer his defeats—often as profoundly and as deeply as he does.

She will be thrust into the role of chief analyst of both his sermons and his administrative innovations. She may well be called upon to catch grammatical errors and to sniff out inconsistencies in his letters to the church, to befriend that woman in the assembly others prefer to avoid and to brainstorm solutions to problems no one else can solve.

The Heart of Pastor's Wife

Q. Okay..... So I'm sure many of you have been asked this question in your interview: "What would you say your role is as a pastor's wife?" What kinds of answers has everyone given?

A1. I've answered this question a few times. I use the opportunity to share my priorities....God, husband, children, and ministry. So, being a help-meet to my raise and educate my children, and then ministry. So that it doesn't sound like I don't have time for the church, I always share the types of ministry I've done before (webmaster, women's ministry, etc). -BelovedLamb

A2. I think the answer is different for each person. Each of us has been given different gifts. You need to do what you are gifted to do. I like to be involved, but I would be this involved even if my husband were not a pastor. I do think it is important for church members to know AHEAD of time what you see your role being. We had one pastor's wife say in an interview that.

A3. I view my role in the church as a church member and Christian. The things I do at the church and volunteer for are the same things I did/would do at a church where I'm not the pastor's wife. I also am a wife to my husband and support him in his ministry and in our marriage - just like any married couple should.

Pastor's Wife Needs Our Appreciation

We can't imagine the conflicting feelings pastor's wife must be experiencing as her husband decide devote himself to God.

Pastor's Wife Appreciation Gifts

She will keep her husband's long hours, shoulder his pressures, feel his disappointments, and suffer his defeats, of course she will always be proud of her role - pastor's wife, our appreciation let she feels courage and motivation, our gratitude let she becomes more strong and brave. Therefore, pastor's wife needs our appreciation.

How to Show Appreciation for Pastor's Wife?

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