Pastor installation Gifts

Installation Gift Ideas

To honor the occasion of installation, the gift must parallel the divine rite being celebrated. Don’t just choose any present to mark the ceremony. When sifting through installation gift ideas, think beyond the obvious. You want to choose an installation gift that embodies a degree of faithful elegance. At the same time, you don’t want to choose something impersonal. Making a gift unique, styling it particularly for the honoree is an important consideration as well.

Personalized Bibles

Nothing says commitment to the church like a bible, and personalizing it with a name, installation date or even scripture is a great way to make a simple gift unique and special.

Family Christian will let you add an imprint to any bible, journal or devotional that you order from their store. You can keep the script simple or write an inscription that’s a little more detailed.

Here are a few examples of scripture that would work well as an imprint:

Isaiah 49:16- See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are ever before me.

Matthew 5:3- Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Proverbs 3:5- Trust in the LORD with all your heart.

There are many more examples of scripture that is suited for engraving at Sticky Jewelry Incorporated.

Christian Themed Jewelry

A beautiful pendant, medallion, cross necklace, ring or silver bracelet is a lovely way to mark the occasion of installation. While the jewelry itself is a beautiful installation gift, considering engraving an installation date and name to make it truly extraordinary.

James Avery has a wide array of unisex jewelry choices available. Here are a few examples prime for inscription.

Alpha and Omega Ring: This stunning men’s ring is the perfect size for an interior inscription. It’s unique and beautiful as is, but an inscription would take the piece to the next level.

Crosslet Heart Charm: Delicate and pure, the Crosslet Heart Charm has a perfect, smooth reverse side for inscription.

Santa Barbara Cross: This piece can be detailed on either side; there’s plenty of room for inscription. Make it your own with an installation date or the name of a specific parish.

Personalized Crystal Plaques

The medium of crystal is almost divine in and of itself. It naturally reflects light, so it always basks in a kind of ethereal glow. It is also a prime material for inscription which means involving crystal in an installation gift is a guarantee that the gift will be well-received.

DIY Awards features a diverse selection of personalized crystal plaques to suit every festivity. Here are a few examples that would perfectly suit the occasion of installation.

Pastor Installation Gift Plaque: This beautiful optical crystal piece, accented with pillars and a two-tiered black crystal base is the perfect choice for an installation gift.

Pastor Appreciation Gift Plaque: Consider this sharply cut, subtly beautiful piece to mark the occasion of installation.

Pastor Appreciation Cross Plaque: A timeless shape complements beautiful craftsmanship in this self-supporting piece. Perfect for an installation gift, inscription will only further enhance its beauty.

All of these gorgeous pieces and the rest of the DIY Awards pastor collection can be deep etch engraved for free. Custom color fill is also an option for a low, flat fee.