Gifts Ideas for Pastor from Toddlers

Pastor Appreciation Month is good chance to teach your children to make thank you gifts to show their appreciation and love to priest. By teaching your children the valuable lesson of showing appreciation for minister, you're providing a cornerstone on which they can build their life. But your toddles may be too young to make something. Do you have unique ideas if you want to guid your toddlers to send their own pastor appreciation gift?

Personalized Pastor Appreciation Gift Plaques

Kids' gifts will be greatly appreciated and treasured by your minister; especially the special gift from toddlers, there's something about the innocence and purity of children that has the power to refresh and inspire the soul. Teach your toddlers to make a thank you pastor card with their own footprint will be personalized gift, do you think so?

Toddlers are defined as young children between the ages of 18 months and 3 years old. Toddlers are very curious and eager to please. They will be interested in footprint game.Make personalized handprint and footprint cards. Cut a piece of cardstock in half and then fold in half. Rub the baby's hand or foot in ink or paint and press onto the thank you pastor cardstock. Use as thank-you cards from the baby or just to send "I Love You" and "Thank You" message to minister.

The priest appreciation card with footprint of toddler is lovely and unique, and the handprints or footprints are very real reminders of exactly how small their babies used to be, making them common symbols of youth.