Pastor and Wife Anniversary Celebration Party Ideas

If one person is in charge of party planning, the celebration will be nice. Get the whole congregation involved and it’s bound to be spectacular. Pick a core group to brainstorm party ideas and once you have a date, venue and theme, divide up the different duties among the planners. Here are the key pastor and wife anniversary celebration party ideas:

  • Decorations- For the walls and tables. This can also include centerpieces, linens and even party favors.
  • Food- Is there going to be a buffet? Plated meal? Passed appetizers? What about desserts? You can always order a cake, but some parties feature trendier dishes like gourmet pies or a frozen yogurt bar with toppings.
  • Entertainment- This can be everything from a slideshow to a skit to a live band. The gesture can be as grand or simple as you feel the occasion commands. Get church children involved to up the cute factor!
  • Gifts- Remember your pastor and wife’s anniversary with a special gesture. It can be store bought or hand made, but make sure it’s worthy of the honorees.