Pastor Gifts, American Flag Art

A pastor can play an important role in a person’s life. A pastor provides spiritual guidance, confidential counseling, and sincere pray for our great country - America whose birthday is approaching.

Personalized Pastor Appreciation Gift Plaques

Independence Day is also special time for our pastor, and pastor's prayer is vital role in the celebration of Fourth of July. Hence 4th of July is appropriate time to do something for our country with pastor.

First, you'd better choose top 7 Patriotic gifts for pastor to help he has more wonderful and meaningful Independence Day.

Crystal American Flag Art - Patriotic Plaque

Crystal American Flag Art - Patriotic Plaque

Customize a crystal plaque resembling the shape of a bible, and then ask to design this bible plaque features a touching design with praying hands subtly placed in front of the American flag.

Painting colors of red, white and blue will be wonderful, you pastor can't refuse this unique patriotic craft. This will be highlight in your pastor's Independence Day party.

Patriotic Pastor Prayer Cross

The prayer cross, known as the sign of the cross, is prayer that is done before and after reciting a prayer. Design a special prayer cross features American flag design and colors of red, white and blue.

American Flag

Homemade decorative American flag is a popular way of celebrating Fourth of July. It adds a celebratory touch to any season or occasion and offers a unique way to expressing enthusiasm for life.

Your pastor will no doubt enjoy adding this warm and creative touch to his home. The colors of red, white and blue in decorative American flag that express zeal and communicate special Independence Day blessing.

4th of July Bookmark

4th of July Bookmark

It is easy to make a patriotic bookmark, using red, white and blue foam to make a simple bookmark. Add a pastor's child photo in the center star to personalize it. Use foam with sticky backs for the easiest way to decorate. They even sell pre-cut bookmarks in a pack if it's for a classroom activity.

Independence Day Painting

Teach your paint an American flag as pastor Independence Day gift is meaningful and creative. Getting messy with paint, while creating shapes on paper, is what most children enjoy about painting.

Pain a American flag to celebrate 4th of July for pastor, and then your pastor may paste the paper to a popsicle stick to hold the flag with pride in public, or display the painted flag in front of pastor's home as a patriotic decoration.

American Flag Fan

American Flag Fan

Fan is good summer gift, pastor may need a fan during scorching hot summer days. The materials you will need to make a patriotic fan include wood paint stirrers, card stock in the colors of red, white and blue, and decorations such as star stickers and glitter.

Patriotic Baseball Cap

Independence Day baseball and apple pie are said to be all American. If your pastor is an American sports fan, not only does he probably have a favorite baseball team, now choose a baseball cap with American flag design, your pastor might enjoys this special cap if he still plays the game.