Pastor Ordination Gift Ideas

Most ordination ceremonies are deep rooted in tradition. They contain special readings, congregational responses, prayers, meditations and sacraments. As much as the ceremonies are steeped in tradition, the receptions that typically follow can be as personal as the friends, family members and church staffers who are in charge want them to be.

The reception is the perfect occasion to give a new priest, pastor, deacon or bishop an ordination gift to mark their special occasion. Because ordination is not to be taken lightly, the gift should reflect the momentous occasion without being too stiff.

Church-Based Gift

Because ordination requires service to specific church, the house of worship is a wonderful place to house a lasting, meaningful gift. Some church have large, bronze plates affixed to a wall in a central location where all ordained individuals and ceremony dates can be inscribed. Engraved walkway stones can serve a similar service as can a bench in a church garden.

This gesture is simple and lasting and allows the entire congregation the opportunity to remember an important spiritual milestone.

Religious Theme

While ordained individuals are far along their spiritual journey, religious-themed keepsakes are welcome ordination gift ideas. Consider a few of the following:

Pen Set

Praying Hands display piece

Sterling Cross

Service-focused artwork

All these gifts have an aura of holiness and serve a practical or emotional purpose. The varying price points help satisfy any budget, too. These gifts and more can be found in the ordination focused section of the online site Christian Books.

Crystal Remembrance

Personalization is a large component of ordination, but when you choose to personalize something, you want to engrave something elegant and worthy of display.

You can always engrave a plate or a paperweight, but those materials are not particularly fine. Choosing a medium like crystal creates a special remembrance with a high polished shine. Crystal has a unique radiance that generates a permanent brilliance. Companies like Crystal Central and DIY Awards deep etch engraves all of its pieces so special congratulatory words never fade. Each piece can be personalized for any occasion with delicate designs and imaging as well as church logos. All plaques and monuments are hand crafted, so each gift has its own, unique personality. When considering ordination gifts, think about giving a gift that reflects the commitment the honored individual has pledged to God and their entire church community. Here are a few examples of crystal remembrances sure to make a lasting impression:

Pastor Ordination Gift: This Ordination gift can honor Bishops, Priests, Deacons and Pastors being ordained into ministry. Featuring details from the ordinal ceremony, the gift conveys a reverent, heartfelt appreciation for the ordinand.

Called to Serve Ordination Gift: Take the stress out of shopping for ordination presents by ordering a beautiful, personalized piece for a special honoree. “Called to Serve” Ordination Gifts uniquely blend black and optical crystal and leave plenty of room for inscription.

Cathedral Ordination Plaque: This unique Ordination Gift Plaque is a wonderful way to mark the very special moment of ordination service. It serves as a special gift to demonstrate your appreciation and support to a newly ordained deacon, presbyter and bishop.

Personal Gestures

In many ways, ordained individuals are just like the rest of us. They have hobbies, families, perhaps a sweet tooth… When the ordination ceremony rolls around, it’s important to keep this category of gift-giving in mind too.

A Helping Hand: Babysitting, a home-cooked meal, a picnic basket full of personal favorites, playing chauffeur for the day or week, dog-walking, cat-sitting, or anything you can uniquely lend that special ordinand.

Goodies: Sweet treats from the local bakery, chocolates, a coffee-lovers survival kit, spa supplies, a professional shave, even a gift-card for a massage.

Hobby-Related: Golf swag, concert tickets, a gift card to a hobby shop, gourmet cooking lessons, a fishing excursion, a night at the theater… the possibilities are endless!