Pastor Retirement Gift Ideas

Most churches will probably elect a committee to choose a pastor’s retirement gift, but here are some suggestions should you find yourself in charge:

A Lasting Token: Give your retiring pastor a memento to cherish, something that will truly be around for years to come. A ceramic wall hanging or small statue would work, but a crystal plaque may have more staying power. Crystal Central has specially designed pastor retirement pieces that are hand cut and high polished to a gorgeous shine. All these pieces can be customized with engraving at no additional cost.

A Gift from the Children: Have fun with this category and encourage children’s Sunday school classes and the youth group to come up with their own pastor retirement tribute. Younger children can make artwork or press painted handprints onto a colorful banner. Older kids can write notes or come up with a skit or musical performance in pastor’s honor. Don’t forget to record the live performance so your retiring pastor can re-live the moment for years to come!

A Stroll Down Memory Lane: Don’t just buy your pastor a hand carved frame or an embroidered photo album, supply the pictures that make these gifts come to life! If you opt for the frame, choose one, iconic photo that highlights your pastor’s time with his congregation. If you choose the album, consider filling one in chronological order so your retiring pastor can recreate his or her journey. Here’s an attractive photo album from Family Christian already decorated with scripture from Deuteronomy.

A Gift of Fun: Sentimental tokens and meaningful gifts are all good and well, but sometimes it is nice to celebrate a retiring pastor with something fanciful. If your pastor is a sports buff, how about tickets to a game? If someone in your congregation owns a cabin or beach house, hand your pastor and his or her spouse the keys for a week. And you can’t go wrong with a generous gift certificate for a gourmet meal either.