Pastor's Family Appreciation

It is important to appreciate and pray for your pastor's family as well as the pastor. Clergy Appreciation Month is an appropriate time to honor and recognize pastor and their families for their hard work, commitment and sacrificial dedication.

Personalized Pastor Appreciation Gift Plaques

The Pastor's Family

A very important part of this objective is the Christian family with its biblical structure, responsibilities and relationships. The church's pastor and his family have the opportunity of modeling what God intends in this ministry.

"The smallest brook on earth can hollow a deepest valley "So profound an impact a Pastor's family can create. A handful of God-fearing children with a vision, followed by steadfast prayer and perseverance to fulfill it can cause striking transformations in the churches.

Show Gratitude to Pastor's Family in October

Clergy Appreciation Month recognizes the call of God in the lives of men, women and couples to full-time Christian service

  • Schedule special prayer sessions to pray specifically for your pastors and their families.
  • Host a card shower at which members and friends present either purchased or homemade greeting cards to each pastor's family.
  • Send a letter members of pastor's family and include offering envelops for a special love offering.
  • Invite a guest speaker to conduct worship and give your pastor an extra paid day off and let him enjoy Pastor Appreciation Week with family.
  • Plan a special banquet in honor of pastor's family. Have guest speakers and an entertaining program that highlight the accomplishments of the church under the pastor's leadership and the support of minister's family.
  • Customize crystal appreciation plaque with engraved appreciation quotes to express your gratitude and care.
  • Pay for dinner and a show for the couple…provide babysitting if necessary.
  • Invite pastor’s wife enjoys SPA night.
  • Host children party and invite pastor's kids.