Pastor's Father's Day

Two thoughts cross my father who is a pastor when Father's Day comes up. First of all, he thanks God for having the privilege of whatever he has got- Father's Day means just what it says. But my pastor father can't enjoy our Father's Day dinner for he must to visit someone who need his help during this special day.

Personalized Pastor Appreciation Gift Plaques

I feel regret for this, my pastor father loves us, our family, but loves his career more. He always told us that being a pastor is much more than a mere vacation, it is calling. Now I know that is a high calling where divinity touches humanity with an eternal message of grace and hope.

Therefore we love our pastor father very much for his great spirit and want to say "Happy Father's Day" to show our appreciation and recognition for his hard work though he always forget us while he help others. So we would like to do something to celebrate this special day for our pastor father despite he can't at home.

  • Saying "Happy Father's Day" on Father's Day card.
  • Ideas for Pastor
    Praying my father on crystal pastor plaque. Ask my mother help us to customize a crystal pastor plaque as unique Father's Day gift for my pastor father at Resembling the shape of a bible, this crystal book is a special symbolization for my pastor father, and then we ask Diy Awards design the plaque with a prayer hand to show our blessing and love for father.
  • Message in a bottle. I am sure my pastor father can't refuse this romantic Father's Day gift, create my own love and appreciation message and place it inside a special bottle.
  • Sing a Father's Day song. My pastor father is humorous man. He is also our good friend. Just like the Father's Day song for a funny dad.

"A father is someone that

holds your hand at the fair

makes sure you do what your mother says

holds back your hair when you are sick

brushes that hair when it is tangled because mother is too busy

lets you eat ice cream for breakfast

but only when mother is away

he walks you down the aisle

and tells you everything gonna be ok"

My pastor father must be interested in this Father's Day song. My mother also agrees with me that sing a Father's Day Song is unique and poetic.

I hope my pastor father will be surprised at seeing our Father's Day gifts for him and say again "Happy Father's Day".