Pastor’s Wife Poems

A pastor's wife appreciation poem is a beautiful and unique way to convey gratitude to your pastor's wife.  The role of a pastor’s wife is probably one of the toughest roles for women today. This role is extremely demanding, tiring, self-sacrificing, and emotionally draining. So often we forget about the one who supports the pastor: their greatest cheerleader, confidante, friend, lover, support, and wife.

Use these pastor’s wife poems to show your pastor’s wife the appreciation she deserves. Choose from these six pastor’s wife appreciation poems, or you can even write your own. Begin by choosing a title. Your chosen title, poem and sentiments are then transferred onto a handsome backdrop of shimmering crystal to make this one-a-kind gift idea for your pastor's wife.

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The Pastor's Wife

by Judy Bowling

She's a Godly woman, she has such grace
Always a warm greeting, a smile on her face
She's always encouraging, she knows her place
She is - The Pastor's Wife
She has to always look just right
Always on time, though the schedule's tight
From early morning, till late at night
Always - The Pastor's Wife
She's such a Lady, everyone's friend
She serves with love from deep within
All of the rifts she tries to mend
Oh she's - The Pastor's Wife
She carries your burdens, she prays for you
Sometimes she cries the whole night through
But you won't know when she's feeling blue
Cause she's - The Pastor's Wife
At church as she starts to walk up the aisle
So many needs to stop and talk for awhile
Though she is tired, she has her own trials
She's patient, she's - The Pastor's Wife
Her life, her time is not her own
There's always a need, they go on and on
With a knock on the door or a ringing phone
That's the life of - The Pastor's Wife
Her husband she shares with a whole congregation
She humbly accepts his intense dedication
In loneliness she kneels to seek consolation
God Bless - The Pastor's Wife
She will someday reach the end of her race
As she meets her Master, face to face
Surely our God had a Special Place
In heaven for - The Pastor's Wife

The Preacher’s Wife

by T. R. Buzzard

In the shadow of the parsonage
Stands a figure of obscure.
Just behind the faithful pastor
Is his wife, devout and pure?
She is with him every moment
Helping make his work progress,
And you can't discount her portion
In the measure of success.
Oft behind the scene of action,
Often never seen or heard,
Yet she stands forever ready
Just to give a helping word.
It is not in active service
That her worth is really shown,
But in the bearing heavy burdens
That to others are unknown.
With encouragement and vision
She must urge God's servant on,
When the shadows are the darkest
And his courage's almost gone.
With her home forever open
And her work quite never done,
She is ever his lieutenant
In the battles fought and won.

Life, as Viewed from the Goldfish Bowl

by Beverly Novakoski

Excerpt "Help! I'm a Pastor's Wife"
Daily works from morn 'till night
Perfect children, act just right,
House is always neat and clean,
Company may soon be seen,
Cheerfully at every meeting,
Smiling nicely with her greeting,
Slim, trim and always fit,
Confident and quick to wit,
Thrifty, smart and pretty, too.
Knows the Bible through and through,
Cooks and entertains with zest,
Never worried, never stressed,
Talent, charm and patience too,
Nothing that she cannot do,
Never existing in real life,
She's the mythical preacher's wife!

The Pastor’s Wife Christian Poetry

There is one person in our Church
Who knows our Pastor’s life?
Who weeps and smiles and prays with Him,
And that’s the Pastor’s wife!
The crowd has seen him in his strength,
While bearing God’s Sharp Sword
As underneath God’s banner’s folds
He faced the devil’s horde.
But deep within her heart she knows
That scarce an hour before
She helped him pray the glory down
Behind the closet door!
She heard him groaning in his soul
When bitter raged the strife.
As, hand in hand she knelt with him,
For she’s the Pastor’s Wife.
You tell your tales of Preachers brave
Who marched across the world?
And changed the course of history
By burning words they hurled
And I will tell how back of each
Some woman lived her life
Who wept with him and smiled with him,
She was the Pastor’s Wife!

I Am the Preacher’s Wife

by Diane Tappe

I am the woman who proudly sits in the shadows
as her husband stands in the light.
I am the one who knows her husband is a gift from God,
and so I give him back to my Lord through his full-time service.
Often times, I am so lonely for him because I share him with others.

But I am also pleased that he gives of himself so unselfishly.
I am the one who encourages the preacher when others sometimes fail to.
I am the one who listens to his dreams for the church
and helps him look into the future and see his dreams become a reality.

And when others wonder if he really cares,
I am the one who sees him on his knees,
shedding tears for the future of the Lord's church.

The Pastor’s Wife

We often hear of Hero's
On the news at night
how someone went into a fire
to save someone else's life
But, there's another Hero
That we never hear about
Thou her love and dedication
Are never in a doubt
Often took for granted
Never glorified
Still she keeps on going
For the person by her side
She stands beside him everyday
No matter what is thrown their way
For he was called from above
To spread the message of GODS' LOVE
And just as he was called
She was hand picked too
For it takes someone special
To do what she must do
And thou he may get the glory
And he may get the fame
She will stand beside him with love
And help him just the same
She is the person he turns to
When he needs a friend
She will always be there
To the glorious end.