Personalized Pastor Wife Appreciation Gift

Instead of penning your pastor’s wife appreciation wording in a card or paper keepsake, dare to dream of a grander way to preserve those special words. Carving them on a wooden plaque is one way to go, but that can look generic or be hard to read. A medium such as crystal is what springs to mind when thinking of wording ideas for pastor’s wife appreciation month. Crystal is elegant and reflective, capturing the natural light around it and beaming it back. To honor a woman who’s constantly radiating with God’s love and selflessness for her husband’s career, crystal only seems appropriate.

Pastor Wife Appreciation Plaque:

Bless your pastor's wife with this amazing Appreciation Plaque. Let her know how much you appreciate all she does by personalizing this piece with kind, carefully chosen wording.

First Lady Appreciation Gift:

What a wonderful way to celebrate the ministry and enduring patience of your pastor’s wife. If you are scratching your head trying to come up with wording idea’s for pastor’s wife appreciation month, worry no more. With this crystal plaque, any message will sing.

Either award would hit just the right note when trying to sing praise and appreciation for pastor’s wife during pastor’s wife appreciation month.