7 Ways to Celebrate the First Pastor Anniversary

First pastor anniversary is worth celebrating because it means our pastor got through one of the most difficult years of installation service.

This is an official service which includes the congregation and higher ranking officials to perform the service. The anniversary date of this service is generally one year from this date or close to it.

As the spirit man grows through the pastors teaching, the natural man will flourish with knowledge and understanding. This process is just like a birthday in the fact that each year you get older, you get wiser and understand more about life.

According to this, we should help our great pastor to celebrate the special first pastor anniversary, here are 7 ways may be useful for you to let our pastor has unforgettable pastor anniversary.

1. Send pastor anniversary gifts.

The pastor anniversary gift is traditional way to show our appreciation and support for pastor. The spiritual side of celebrating a pastor anniversary should not be viewed as a time to just give the pastor some money and pastor anniversary gifts.

It is better that customize a crystal pastor anniversary plaque/award at diyawards.com with engrave pastor appreciation wording, like pastor anniversary poems, prose, quotes etc. This will be highlight decoration of pastor's house, and it is also the symbolic of pastor's honor and contribution.

2. Homemade anniversary cake.

First pastor anniversary is also the important birthday of pastor's career, your pastor anniversary gifts ideas would better unique and personalization. Cake is common anniversary idea for someone, but your own homemade pastor anniversary cake is special and different.

Make this anniversary cake according to your pastor's taste and interest, design the shape of cake depend on pastor's favorite.

3. Share interesting things during the first year of pastor installation service.

There must be something interesting with the first pastor installation service. Pick up those memories will be useful and meaningful. Share these interesting things that may be the symbolic of responsibility, wisdom, contribution.

4. View the video and photo albums of Ordination Installation.

Remember the big day by viewing it through the videos and albums of ordination installation. And then we can feel the God's power. God chose them to watch over us and protect us from all danger, naturally and spiritually. God gave them the power and the anointing to come against anything that may hinder our walk with Him.

5. Prepare pastor anniversary dinner.

Choose appropriate recipes that your pastor's favorite and invite pastor's family including pastor's wife pastor's kids to enjoy this anniversary dinner.

6. Invite the first prayer to visit pastor.

It is special and unforgettable for the first prayer on pastor's first day. Satisfactory, unhappy, grateful, suspicious etc., no matter what they are, this will be important start for the first prayer and pastor; you can imagine that there is nameless relationship between pastor and the first prayer.

Pastor will be proud of the celebration and anniversary wishes from the first prayer.

7. Throw a pastor anniversary party for pastor's closest family and friends.

Having a pastor anniversary party might seem like the least ceremonious idea, but it's especially great one for pastor who never had received this anniversary ideas. Celebrating with close family and friends is a way for pastor to thank the understanding and support of pastor's family, friends during pastor's first year as a new member of church.