Biblical Scripture for Pastor’s Wives

While the bible may not concretely advise or encourage pastor’s wives, there is a lot of textual evidence showing support for their unique duties. For example, many women featured through biblical stories, proverbs and parables.  A ministry website called Soul Shepherding addresses the topic.

The truth is that each pastor’s wife is unique! But one thing that most pastors’ wives have in common is that they have a significant and challenging God-given opportunity to have influence for Christ in a church and the surrounding community. But to step into the role of pastor’s wife, with all its conflicting expectations and ministry stress, pastors’ wives need a special grace and wisdom from God.

Some Bible teachers will say that the Bible doesn’t say anything to pastors’ wives. That is a very misleading statement! Actually, the Bible has a lot to say to support a pastor’s wife’s unique personality, needs, gifts, and ministry service or leadership. Included in our Bible Study are examples of pastors’ wives like Elizabeth who mentored Mary when she was pregnant with Jesus and Priscilla who was a pastor’s wife and a co-pastor in one of the New Testament house churches.

From the very start, you can find pastor’s wife appreciation and guidance within the scripture.