Pastor's Valentines Day Suggestion

Don't forget that Valentine's Day is also special day for pastor and his wife.

Personalized Pastor Appreciation Gift Plaques

Pastor is ordinary human beings, he often has wife and children that also need his time, attention and love as well. He also needs time for rest and recreation, he also want to celebrate the Valentines Day with his wife, just as you and I do.

But pastor and pastor's wife always play special and great role in life, what should they to do to celebrate this special day? Your pastor may be too busy to think this, so this article arrange some useful Valentines Day suggestion to pastor or his wife and hope they will have wonderful and romantic Valentine's Day.

Valentines Day Suggestion

a. As a pastor's wife, your sincere support and love are important things for pastor. Choose some love gifts to show your heart is perfect.

b. Consider the hobbies or tastes of each other for appropriate gift ideas depend on your information about interests and hobbies.

c. Help he/she relieve the pressure is thoughtful and important.

d. Love can be simple, so your gifts ideas should not complex.

Valentines Day Gifts Ideas for Husband Who is a Great Pastor

Your husband - pastor is great, he points people to God, prays with human beings about their needs, counsel them through their life's challenges and fears, consistently deliver sermons to uplift their souls, as pastor's wife, you must be proud of this special husband, why not use Valentines Day to show your love, respect and support for him?

The elders who direct the affairs of the church well are worthy of double honor, especially those whose work is preaching and teaching.” (1 Timothy 5:17)

1. Customize a "Happy Valentine's Day" plaque. The plaque offers ample personalization space for you to express your heartfelt appreciation and love.

2. Offer to set up the Valentine's Day gift closet for times when the pastor needs to visit someone in the hospital. Make sure it's stocked with nice cards shaped heart will be wonderful.

3. Send special Valentines card with different signatures from people have grown under pastor's leadership and want to show their appreciation and love to him.

4. Create a photo album of church events and members, as well as notes of appreciation and tell husband that "I am proud of you".

5. Put together a video/DVD of you and kids sharing your love and support for your husband.

6. Make Valentines love note of the favorite places your husband has stayed (hotels, bed and break fasts, etc). Surprise him with a note or two night stay so he can relive the romantic memories.

7. Plan Valentines trip for you and him, not only share the nature each other, but also can help him relieve his pressure.

Valentines Day Gifts Ideas for Wife Whose Husband is Pastor

In consideration of the special role of your wife - pastor’s wife, it is the prerequisite for paying more attention on appropriate pastor’s wife. It reasons then that pastor’s wife gifts should be special as well. Here are a few thoughts to help find the perfect Valentines gift ideas for your pastor’s wife.

  1. Find a stylist to donate haircuts or hair colors for wife.
  2. Say to wife, "Ok, dear, relax now, today is my turn to clean the house".
  3. Call a local radio station to request a song to express love and appreciation.
  4. Write a letter of appreciation and love for wife and have it printed in the local paper.
  5. Give wife a homemade dinner of home-grown flowers.
  6. Choose appropriate Valentines gifts themed her dream or hobby to encourage she keeps her dream and hobby.
  7. Take her to a matinee Valentines movie while your kids are at school
  8. Roses for her dining room table.
  9. A walk in your woods with you.
  10. Write a pastor's wife poem to show your appreciation and love.