Celebrating Church Milestones

Some parishes are centuries old, while others might have just hit the five year mark. But a milestone is a milestone and whether your church is celebrating 15 years or 150, there are many exciting ways to mark the occasion.

Retrospective Slideshows: You can’t appreciate where you are going unless you understand where you’ve been, so why not put together a retrospective slide show of your church’s history? You can arrange the slides in chronological order and watch your congregation grow. Consider playing it with music during a special lunch following a Sunday service.

Church-wide Cleanup Day: If your church home is getting a little older, why not schedule a special clean-up day to promote a special milestone? The building will benefit and everyone in the congregation will get to spend quality time together. Younger parishioners can be organized to do basic cleaning or pull weeds outside while older teens and adults can work on more serious projects, like painting and basic renovations.

Special Collection: Don’t have anything specific in mind for a church project? Take up a special collection from the congregation for a project to be tackled in the upcoming year. You can even take a vote after the anniversary or have people make suggestions to a project committee.