Christian Confirmation Requirements

Different branches of Christianity require different things of young people being confirmed. It is important for you to speak with your pastor about what is required of your child before he or she can celebrate the scared rite of confirmation. Here is a list of common requirements. Most churches will require some but not necessarily all of these activities.

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  • Attend confirmation class
  • Attend a retreat
  • Complete community service
  • Find a confirmation sponsor
  • Attend a confirmation ceremony
  • Publicly reaffirm baptismal vows

The photo below shows a confirmation group from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland.

confirmation group

Some catholic parishioners may request a saint name upon confirmation. If this is something you wish to do, most churches ask that you write a letter to your bishop with the name as well as an explanation of why you chose that particular saint. For a complete, alphabetized list of saints and angels, visit Catholic Online.