Pray for Your Pastor

Your prayer is the greatest gift you can give your pastor during Pastor Appreciation Month.

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Since prayer is an essential part of our Christian life and important to our spiritual health, it needs to be extended to our spiritual leaders. Christians should be praying for their pastors and other pastoral team members such as the associate pastor, youth minister, children’s minister and worship leader.

If you don’t love him like you should, begin to pray for him and you will. Of course, if you already love him, then you’ll naturally want to pray for him. Prayer is fuel for more ministry!

How to Pray for Your Pastor

We must first look at the meaning of prayer in order to establish the power of prayer. Prayer is a direct line of communication to God. When we pray we must believe that we are talking directly to God, and tell God about the contribution and dedication of our pastor. But how to pray for him?

Below are a few tips for your reference:

  • Insight into scripture and an understanding of how it applies to people today can help.
  • Get to know more about your priest or pastor.
  • Pray for him keep a soft heart in the face of abrasive and abusive people.
  • Pray genuinely and simply.
  • Write a prayer letter to your pastor. While writing a letter to your pastor isn’t complicated, you’ll want to write it clearly so that your pastor understands it and is able to take appropriate action.
  • Customize a crystal plaque with engraved prayer poems.
  • Join a prayer group. Prayer groups are beneficial for learning common prayer and for fellowship with like-minded believers.
  • Make a prayer box to collect specific prayers. Write your prayers down on pieces of paper or index cards and then slip them into a slit cut in the top of the box.
  • The fifth type of prayer is the prayer of petition. The prayer of petition is what many Christians believe prayer is for. You can ask for the health and happiness for your pastor.