Gifts Ideas for Pastor's Kid Who Is Naughty but Clever Boy

If possible, find out what subjects the child has already shown interest in before purchasing something as gifts. If you want to send the appropriate gift for pastor's kids, go on our topic.

Personalized Pastor Appreciation Gift Plaques

Age 05-08
Ideas for Pastor’s Kids Gifts & Personalized Gifts for BoyToday's 5-8-year-old boys are already sophisticated consumers, excited by all things technological. So it is not easy to choose the appropriate gifts for pastor's kid, ripping open a package and finding something electronic most likely will make their day.


Gifts for Increasing Brain Power

Ideas for Pastor’s Kids Gifts

What subject the child has already shown interest in before purchasing books as gifts. Among the many possibilities for books a 5-year-old boy would enjoy are many in the science category.

Boys this age are into animals from insects to dinosaurs. They also are interested in natural phenomena like earthquakes and tornados.

Since books will be read aloud to most 5-year-olds, they should feature a small amount of text and lots of large attractive pictures. Another popular category of book is those featuring favorite TV characters.

Gifts for building Kid's Body

Ideas for Pastor’s Kids Gifts

Either giving items for the sport a boy is already playing or introducing him to a new sport provides lots of ideas. And this is good gift for their health.

Setting up a basketball goal in the driveway is one idea, especially when accompanied by a new basketball. You might treat the boy to a new baseball glove and/or a new bat, along with a trip to nearby batting cages. Frisbees, badminton sets and wheelie shoes are other possibilities for getting boys outside.

Sports experiences could include horseback riding lessons, ice skating outings or swimming passes. Many boys like to receive tickets to a sporting event. New bikes are a favorite for boys celebrating a holiday or their birthday.

Age 9-12

Pastor's Kids Ideas - for 9-12-year-old BoyIf your pastor's son is 9-12 year-old, gift ideas for this boy can cover a wide range of budgets. Whatever the cost, the best gifts for them are sophisticated items that require focus, creativity and logic to manipulate.

Science Gift Ideas

Even boys with little interest in science will become excited by the wide variety of science gifts available. You can buy a macro microscope kit, DNA explorer kit, junior electronics kit, chemistry set or telescope set. If the boy prefers something with a higher "gross-out" factor, try giving him an insect dissection set, goo maker kit, bug collector kit or mummy making kit.