Pastor Appreciation Month Gifts for Pastor's Wife

How should we show our appreciation and esteem for our pastor’s wife? Pastor Appreciation Month, birthday, Christmas Day, Mother’s Day are all great times to choose unique priest’s wife gifts to honor and appreciate her.

Don’t miss the Pastor Appreciation Month 2012. In consideration of the special role of pastor’s wife plays, it is important to honor the pastor’s wife. It reasons then that pastor’s wife gifts should be special as well. Here are a few thoughts to help you find the perfect gift for your pastor’s wife.

  • What’s the hobby of your pastor’s wife? Appropriate gift ideas depend on your information about interests and hobbies of your pastor’s wife, then you can choose the right gifts that your pastor’s wife needs or adores, such as a book or clothing.
  • What kind of life does your pastor’s wife have? Pastor’s wives are very self-sufficient and strong. They do not often ask for help. But they have challenges and hardships too, so bear that in mind.
  •  What is role of pastor’s wife at church? Pastor’s wives often fill a non-official role at the church that closely resembles that of an assistant pastor.
  • How far away from parents of pastor’s wife are? Pastor’s wives frequently live far away from their parents and siblings. In addition, because of prior ministries and eight to ten years in college and seminary, most of her adult life has been spent away from her parents and friends. Her strongest support network probably lives a couple states away.

No need to buy expensive appreciation gifts for the minister’s wife. The best thank you gifts will come from your heart. Here are a few ideas for pastor’s wife gifts. They are good ideas by themselves, but make them more personal by adding a little of yourself. These gifts will show that you know her, understand her situation, and appreciate her.

Spa NightSpa Night

A spa night is a fun way a group of women can gather together for a night of beauty and pampering. Spa night will give your priest’s wife a chance to relax and connect while enjoying food, conversation and activities. The supplies you choose for spa night are an important part of providing pleasure, comfort and convenience. Make sure your supplies add to the relaxing atmosphere.

Engraved ItemsEngraved Items

Engraved items are personalized and heartwarming. Many religious women wear jewelry that has spiritual significance, usually cross pendants. If she already has one, you could go to a jeweler and have her piece engraved.

A Customized appreciation plaque  in the shape of book is wonderful; the crystal book is a tribute that offers both verbal encouragement and sincere appreciation. It is a unique offering that will be remembered for many years to come.

Pastor's Wife FlowersPastor's Wife Flowers

If your pastor’s wife enjoys decorating her home with flowers, bring her a bouquet. Whether you make your own bouquet or buy one from a shop, you can wrap it up to display your personality and creativity. You can choose carnations which symbolize innocence, pure love and good luck.

Appreciation MealAppreciation Meal

One of the best appreciation gifts you can give can give a pastor’s wife and her family is a meal. This can be anything, from a large five-course meal to a pot of spaghetti. This will be especially appreciated if the pastor and his wife have children, as this gives them a break from having to cook dinner for the entire family.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas

  • Inviting pastor’s wife join a party which is hosted by your family or friends, helping them get out isolation.
  • Teaching your pastor’s wife to make a special dessert
  • Fence in her back yard so she can let her small children play in safety (with her permission)
  • Write appreciation poems for your pastor’s wife.
  • Send homemade thank you cards.