Pastor and Wife Anniversary Gift with Bible Verse

When it comes to pastor and wife anniversary bible sayings, how should your special message be preserved? Your note can be penned on something very simple or engraved on something fine and expensive. The beauty is your sentiments will be appreciated either way.

A Lovely Notecard: You don’t need to spend big bucks on a keepsake if it isn’t in your budget. A beautiful piece of stationary, a card with a religious or pastoral image on the front, even a sturdy little notecard works perfectly. It’s probably more personal to hand-write your bible sayings for pastor and wife’s anniversary. Typing is a little cold and clinical. Family Christian has an assortment of paper products that will work perfectly.

Crystal Plaque or Monument: If you are able to buy something a little more significant, consider a crystal plaque or memento that can be engraved. Bible sayings for pastor and wife’s anniversary look so much more elegant when they are preserved with deep etch engraving. It’s such a thoughtful gesture and will be appreciated for years to come. This beautifully designed pastor and wife gift plaque by DIY awards is a perfect choice.