Words of Encouragement for Pastor’s Wife

It’s not hard to imagine why, at times, life might become overwhelming for a pastor’s wife. Her role is challenging and multi-faceted. Sometimes, pastor’s wives are also mothers, which means they have to manage their children while still being supportive of their husband’s ministry and understanding of all its demands. Sometimes, they have a full time career outside the church. Sometimes they have ministerial obligations of their own. It’s important to remember that no matter what responsibilities they have outside the church, supporting their husband’s ministry is a weighty and time-consuming obligation. That’s one of the reasons why words of encouragement for pastor’s wife are so important.

Nothing says words of encouragement like a hand written note of thanks or a crystal plaque engraved with words of encouragement. Nourish her soul with a sweet letter, expressing your understanding for her challenging role as a pastor’s wife. Encourage her to lean on you if she needs a friend, and lean on prayer if she needs wisdom and guidance.

Give her strength

Sometimes, a pastor’s wife might need to hear something profound, words of encouragement to motivate her, keep her moving forward spiritually and emotionally. Lois Evans runs a pastor’s wife ministry and publishes blogs and essays as well as releases videos pertaining to various topics. Here’s an excerpt from a piece on her site about encouragement.

Encouragement comes with the planting, because we know and believe that the harvest is coming soon. As women of faith, we join with one another for the planting of hope, the watering of faith, and the growth that comes with sharing the gift of ministry with each other. We are here to encourage women to gather side by side, in unity of economy, race, and creed, to corporately encourage the body of pastors’ wives to be better women, mothers, wives, and Christians.

There are many other blogs featured on this ministry site that directly address encouragement. If you know a pastor’s wife who could use a little rallying spirit, point her in that direction.

Encouragement through Scripture

At the end of the day, the bible is the rock to which all pastor’s wives return when they need to be moved by words of encouragement. Many verses found in both the Old Testament and New Testament can be found to inspire pastor’s wives.

Great Commission Churches put together an interview with four pastor’s wives to find out what verses were most inspirational to them. Here are a few words of encouragement that resonated with them.

"And blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what had been spoken to her by the Lord." Luke 1:45

"The nearness of the Lord is my good." Psalm 73: 28 NASB

"O Lord, you have searched me and you know me." Pod psalm 139:1

Pastors’ wives can find words of encouragement in a lot of places, but scripture is always a good place to start.