Pastor and Wife Wedding Anniversaries

Anyone who is married gets to experience the romance and excitement of marking a wedding anniversary. Some people celebrate sentimentally by watching the slideshow from their rehearsal dinner or re-reading cards they were given on their wedding day. Some people plan a trip, others a fancy dinner. But no matter what you prefer, all of these ideas can be employed to honor the occasion for your pastor, and your pastor’s wife.

Honoring Them Both

Recreate the Magic: If you want to plan a truly touching celebration, try recreating the magic of their wedding day. Find out what scripture was read at the ceremony and have those passages read during a special Sunday service or plan a luncheon following church and serve the same food that was served at their reception. You can also play a slideshow of wedding pictures at that special event, or have members of the congregation write special “happy anniversary notes” for keepsakes.

Second Honeymoon: If your pastor and his wife are celebrating a major milestone like 20 years of marriage, consider sending them on a second honeymoon. If they went to Jamaica the first time around, you can send them back. Or you can start from scratch by treating them to a spa weekend or a retreat at a cabin in the mountains. (photo from the Jamaica Konsulat.)

Dinner for Two: It’s simple, it’s easy to plan, and sometimes those ideas are the best ideas. Make a reservation for your pastor and your pastor’s wife at a lovely restaurant, or just treat them to a gift certificate so they can plan the celebration when it’s convenient for them. Either way, the gesture will be much appreciated.

Just for Pastor

Additionally, if you are looking for a separate gesture to honor your pastor individually, consider one of Crystal Central’s hand-cut plaques. They are high polished and reflective and will look perfect in his church office. This “Love is Patient” plaque for example can be personalized and already features beautifully etched scripture.

Just for Pastor’s Wife

If you want to plan a special gesture just for your pastor’s wife, there’s a simple and thoughtful way to make her feel loved and remembered on her anniversary. Find out what flowers were featured in her bouquet and at her reception and order her a bouquet with a profusion of those same blossoms. Looking at the beautiful, fragrant flowers will transport her back in time to her wedding day.