Appropriate Pastor Retirement Gifts I

The best pastor retirement gifts are not the most expensive, not the one with attractive packaging, not the special or unique, but they are suitable for your pastor's interest, hobby or even the dream. It is not very easy if you can't spend more attention to these. So what are you waiting for? Read this article to choose appropriate retirement gift for your special pastor depend on his unique hobby and interest.


Retirement Gifts for The Outdoor pastor

  • Fishing - Does pastor love to fish? Plan and pay for a guided fish tour, deep sea and riving fishing tours are available all over the country. He'll return with fish tales and some great eats.
  • Your pastor need a polarized sunglasses, polarized designer sunglasses are designed to prevent the intensified horizontal ray of light reflected off surfaces such as a pool of water on the road when one is driving from reaching the eyes by polarization. Your pastor can't refuse this perfect retirement gift that is good for him while he loves outdoor activities.
  • Outdoor pastor, he must be fond of travel, he will love to have a new digital camera any time.
  • GPS Navigator - Your pastor hates asking for directions and you've heard pastor' wife complain about him getting lost. So a GPS Navigator is a great gift for pastor when he starts his retirement travel.
  • You may think men does not  need a toiletry bag. No, Men's toiletry bags are perfect for the active man, like your pastor. Then your pastor doesn't need to travel to gain all of its benefits.


Is your pastor a sports fanatic? Does your pastor want to spend most of his free time cheering his favorite teams on to victory? Now this is right time when he was retired, get your pastor something he'll really enjoy.

Retirement Gifts for The Sports Fan Pastor

  • Take Pastor Out To The Ballpark. This is the ultimate retirement gift for both you and your pastor or pastor's kids.
  • An gift card will attract your pastor if he is a Football Fan. Kickoff to the NFL regular season is still months away, but football is already on your pastor's mind.
  • A Mini Refrigerator - Your pastor's really not interested in the beneficial exercise he may get by running up and down the stairs to fetch a beer every time a timeout is called. A mini refrigerator as retirement gift is perfect and thoughtful. Do you think so?
  • A subscription to a sports magazine - Keep pastor up to date with a subscription to weekly sports publication.
  • If you are looking for a gift for pastor who is a golfer. Ask any golfer and they will tell you that play with the right ball is very important to the serious golfer who wants to play the very best game that they can. And a putting green makes a welcome and very affordable gift for a golfer.


You have a number of items can select as special retirement gift for your pastor who enjoys the gardening.

  • Plants make a great gift because as long as they are given what they need they will keep on giving.
  • Tools are a favorite gift, what gardener does not appreciate a new tool. If pastor has a problem kneeling down to weed or plants seeds and bulbs there are long handled tools specially designed to make the work easier.
  • Watering is a principal garden chore and there are a number of watering systems that make this job easier and conserve water at the same time.
  • Prayer Bench - A bench or other form of seating to encourage prayer and meditation is ideal for pastor with limited mobility who cannot comfortably sit on the ground in a garden.
  • Bird feeders are a year-round gardening gift. Placed near a window, a bird feeder provides colorful activity during the winter months - an especially welcome feature in colder locations.
  • Plants make a great gift because as long as they are given what they need they will keep on giving.