Pastor Ordination Gift, Please Simple And Significant

Dedication to serving God can be a lifelong commitment, especially for a pastor, priest or rabbi.

The ordination process, which includes a review by a panel or counsel of pastors of the same denomination, can be intense.

Ordinations are part of the Catholic, Protestant, Eastern Orthodox and Anglican denominations, along with the Jewish and Buddhist faiths.

The solemn and meaningful ordination ceremony can be commemorated with a gift from friends and family members.

Newly ordained clergy can use practical gifts, but they will also appreciate personal items, mostly because those gifts honor not just their new position, but also the person.

If you want choose one Pastor Ordination Gift, you should know the simple and significant gift may be your right choice if you have no rich experience on the side of gifts.

Simple Gifts

Practical gifts include quality pen sets or leather-bound appointment books with replaceable pages. Frame a picture of the minister as he or she is being ordained so it can be hung in the office or set on a desk.

A gift certificate to a local book store will go a long way if the new cleric needs reference supplies or a book cover.

Pastor Prayer Gifts

Buy a gift edition of the historic Book of Common Prayer. Anglicans have used this book of prayers, readings and services since the time of the Reformation.

Not all modern Episcopal churches use this in everyday worship, but its contents connect readers with the faith of their forebears in the faith. The Book of Common Prayer has value for the new deacon or priest's devotional life.