Engraved Pastor Ordination Gift

Pastor ordination is a joyous time of celebration, full of warm and affection sentiments and adorned with pastor ordination card/letter, pomes or songs. Offer personalization pastor ordination gift ideas for the pastor's ordination to show your appreciation and support.

Engraved Crystal pastor Ordination Gift

Choosing the engraved gift may be the appropriate gift ideas, our pastor have no need to the very expensive and luxurious gifts, these gifts also don't fit pastor.

The engraved gift is not only the elegant handcrafted art but also show the high spiritual of pastor. Such as the engrave crystal pastor ordination gift.

Crystal as the traditional material has long history in handcrafted industry. It is known for its shining feature and clean color, though it is so fragile, most people are interested in its charming appearance and deep connotation with clean spiritual.

Design Your Gifts

This personalized crystal gift commemorates ordination in a unique way. The design highlights the ordination certificate on the left combined with a scripture from 1 Peter 5:2, 4 on the right.

Meaningful Messages

Always, pastor ordination wording plays the important role in the pastor ordination gift.

Including the following elements in a plaque message guarantees a gift that will be appreciated by both the donor and the recipient.

The most important element is always the recipient's name, your pastor have earned this celebration deserve to see his name in a prominent position if he decides to receive your gift.

The second element is the ordination wording, they had better related God, ordination, church etc. You should distinguish the ordination wording on gift from pastor ordination certificate.

The wording on the ordination certificate will vary, depending on the organization issuing the certificate and the criteria required to earn it. But your pastor ordination gift can be flexible.