Spring Break Ideas for Pastor’s Kids

Your pastor may have not enough time to enjoy the spring break with his family, especially his kids, this is a pity for our lovely pastor's kids, looking for some spring break ideas will bring do double duty: they provide joy for the kids and they also encourage our pastor and his wife. Here are some spring break ideas for pastor's kids that will turn a week at home or go outside into a fun vacation.

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What’s within driving distance to where you live? Get out a map and let the whole family look at what’s nearby. Schedule some trips to an arboretum, a planetarium, museums, factory tours and other local offerings.

You want to take a trip to make spring break fun for pastor's kids. With some advance planning and creativity, you can make spring break as much fun as a week at the beach, or the most popular destination-Orlando for family during spring break.

Spring break while the weather gets nice, get outside. Set up your volley ball net and play volley ball or badminton with pastor's kids. Get your bat, glove and ball out and have a fun game, or just play catch. Go for a walk and see if you can find the early blooming flowers.

Every kid is interested in spring activities in garden, hence, invite your pastor's kids join in your activities, plant a mini garden in empty milk containers. Cut the top off, wash and fill with soil.

Spring is the first time in the season that children can get out and enjoy the outside without special clothes. Celebrate this by having a wacky sports party.

Get sports paraphernalia, like baseball banners, sports cards to place on the tables, jersey's for the children to wear, baseball caps, footballs, soccer balls and anything sport your kids might enjoy. Have a radio broadcasting sport games if possible, or tape a game to play later if you must.