Easter Gifts for Pastor’s Kids

Easter is known as Christian celebration of the resurrection of Christ. You may have already sent your special Easter gifts for your pastor and his wife, but don't forget pastor's kids.

Personalized Pastor Appreciation Gift Plaques

You can find unique gifts to give your children and pastor's kids while teaching them about important concepts like change and new beginning.

Plant a GardenPlant A Garden

This gift may not seem spectacular up front, but over time, your pastor's kids will come to understand. Ask your children and pastor's kids join in your activity, choose their favorite fruit, like strawberries, and strawberry plants to put in the dirt in the backyard.

If you have limited space, buy seeds for a smaller plant or a potted flower and have your children and pastor's kids help care for it. Actively involve them in the digging, planting, sealing and watering of the plant.

Teach them that the work you put in now produces new and great things later. Hold your children to looking after the plant throughout the seasons.

Easter Story BookEaster Story Book

An Easter story book can become a keepsake to hand down to future generations. Give a child a book filled with colorful illustrations and text describing Jesus' role in God's plan for salvation.

 Pets as Easter gifts for kidsPets As Easter Gifts for Kids

As you know pet is be treated as family's friend. Every kid is interested in lovely pet very much, but you should think again and carefully consider these questions are determining if giving a living, breathing animal is the surprise you are intending to give as the ultimate gift.

  1. Does your pastor's kid really want a pet, or is it your children whim to have the best gift?
  2. Are you sure your pastor's wife committed to take the responsibility of this gift for what may be many years?
  3. Can pastor's family afford it financially as well as the time needed to care for your pet?

If your pastor's family has never had a pet before, the thought process takes even more research than if you have had previous experience.

If your pastor's kid is old enough to take on some of the responsibility of taking care of a new puppy or kitten, then he or she should definitely be involved in the selection process. Surprise gifts, however well intentioned, are sometimes not a good fit and need to be returned.

Day TripDay Trip

Perhaps one of the best ways to appreciate new life is to observe it. Invite your pastor's kids enjoy your day trip, out of the house, off of the computer and out into nature to observe plants, trees, flowers, birds and other wildlife for Easter.

This day trip can be as small as a drive to the park or as grand as a day-long hike at a national park. Show your children and pastor's kids the value of being active being active with body by playing outdoor games or going on a challenging hike.

Visit New BabyVisit New Baby

Seeing a new baby for the first time, there is nothing better than describing the significance of new life. So fun, so exciting, you can take your children and pastor's kids to visit this special gift if you have some relatives or friends become new mother.

Don't forget, though, that the new parents are tired and trying to get used to being parents, know more information about how to visit a newborn baby and family while staying on the mother's good side before start your plan.