Appropriate Pastor Retirement Gift II

Last time, we have spent time choosing appropriate retirement gift for our pastor who are outdoor, sports fan or interested in gardening. This article continues to introduce the right retirement gift ideas for pastors who enjoy cooking, reading and the fashion.

Retirement Gifts for Pastor Who Enjoy Cooking

Finding retirement gifts for pastor who enjoy cooking can sometimes be a challenge, you should know more about his interest and taste. Chances are that he's dropped a few hints about his favorite brand of chef's knife or the size of copper saute pan he needs to complete his collection.

  • Whether your pastor cooks gourmet food or simply enjoys eating it, he will appreciate a basket filled with gourmet ingredients.
  • Gourmet food gifts are unique gift ideas for your pastor.
  • If you can find one, get your pastor an invitation to an underground dinner party.
  • Your pastor can't refuse a gift basket filled with spices.
  • The Fannie Farmer Cookbook is a perennial favorite of chefs and home cooks alike. It's very likely that your pastor has this one tucked away in his pantry. Your pastor' wife is betting that some of his favorite recipes originated from within its pages.

Retirement Gifts for Pastor Who Enjoy Reading

Reading is a universally popular pastime. So it's no wonder that you've had the idea to put together a reading-themed gift for your pastor.

  • If your pastor is the devoted reader, a reading-themed basket like this will be a great treat to bring extra fun into reading.
  • Your pastor may be always forgetting which books they've left a bookmark in or losing them and substituting receipts and paper scraps.
  • If you go to a book-signing event, you can ask the author to write something specifically for your pastor.
  • Your pastor may be interested in the crystal pastor retirement plaque with book style.

Resembling the shape of a bible, this Crystal Book is a special retirement gift idea for pastors, then you can ask Diy Awards engraved the poems or prose what your pastor be fond of on the crystal book.

Retirement Gifts for the Fashional Pastor

Despite common beliefs, men do care about style just as much as women. As it happens, your pastor is this man then you just look for stylish gift for pastor.

  • Cuff links are the classic stylish gift for men and you can never have too many pairs.
  • Now, who doesn't love iPods? Especially your fashionable pastor, if your pastor doesn't already have one, it's high time you get him the iPod.
  • Your past need to shave, you can choose the Philips Norelco arctic 1090 Men's Shaving System.
  • Do you think the Armani Fragrances are the cool retirement gift, who doesn't like to smell good?
  • There is no end to the electronic gadgets that you can get for your pastor. The Garmin nüvi 350 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator, definitely is worth a look into.