Celebrate the Summer Solstice 2011 for Pastor

Summer Solstice is the season Mother Nature is at the peak of abundance, you can celebrate this special holiday for your pastor to join this natural cycle and accomplish miracles.

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Summer Solstice - Season of Passion and Compassion

Summer Solstice, June 21st, is the longest day and shortest night of the year. The Sun's power is at its most potent - and on that day, the sun reverses, and the days shorten, as the nights lengthen.

The power of the sun at Summer Solstice is at its most potent, and the earth is fertile with a promising harvest. Midsummer is a time to balance the Sun's warming rays - strength and passion - and the cooling freshness of the "water or compassion" that nurtures all growth.

How to Celebrate the Summer Solstice for Pastor

As the Sun is at its zenith at this time, the Summer Solstice was traditionally a festival dedicated to the life-giving and regenerative powers of the solar orb.

  • The Summer Solstice is the time to spread joy and participate in dance and song; you can use your appreciation song to show your gratitude and support for your pastor.
  • Invite your pastor to visit Stonehenge where many people celebrate the Summer Solstice.
  • Dedicate a year to tending to nature and helping pastor's kids and your children form bonds with the earth, as nature is at the core of the Summer Solstice.
  • Bonfires have been a central piece of summer solstice celebrations for years, so your pastor's family can't refuse the light a bonfire.

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  • Choose Summer Solstice theme gift for pastor. Summer Solstice theme gift ideas will be interest, the perfect gift is the engraved crystal pastor appreciation award with these Summer Solstice Quotes or poems, sayings etc.
  • The Summer Solstice Card with your own Summer Solstice poems is perfect.
  • A simple way to celebrate the summer solstice is to help pastor in need. So spend more time knowing more pastors' need, interest and hobby.