April Fools Day for Pastor's Kids

Kids love April Fool's Day as much, if not more, than adults so show your kids and pastor's kids grow they can have some friendly fun on this foolishly fun day with some of these April Fool's Day friendly pranks.

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  1. For years, your kids have been creeping into your room at 6 a.m. and screaming you out of bed with a loud "Mommmm! Daaaaaad!" Now you can suggest your pastor and his wife set their alarm for 5:30, sneak into their son's room, and get some payback with a loud"Tonnnnnnny!"After your pastor scrape pastor's kid off the ceiling, the three of you can have a good, hearty laugh.
  2. You're Late, You're Late, for a Very Important Date. Change the current date on the victim's computer calendar to a few years in the future and watch the entire upcoming calendar items pop up as missed items. The victim will have to figure out what has happened.
  3. Where is the remote? Easy and Fun to Watch, simply hiding the T.V. remote control can cause chaos in any home these days. Despite the fact that most of us could just get up and change the channel, your pastor's kids will instead spend hours searching for the remote. For this foolish joke, turn the T.V. on to something you know the victim won't want to watch, then proceed to hide the remote. A preferable hiding spot would be one where there is a suggestion that they go outside rather than watch T.V. - perhaps sitting inside their running shoes. Leave notes in some of the obvious hiding spots with clues to the final destination.
  4. Oh, No! My Teeth! Try making a cookie that is too firm to east with something seems kid's teeth (you'd better put some tomato ketchup) than invite your pastor's kids to taste them, you can imagine the next thing.
  5. Hide all their stuff. While your pastor's kids are sleeping, sneak into their rooms, remove all their toys and stuff the booty into a hall closet. When they come downstairs for breakfast, calmly tell them that you've decided to teach them a lesson about charity and globalization by donating all their belongings to a third-world aid organization. Won't it be fun to watch their heads explode!
  6. Seek a nauseated animal which pastor's kids hate it very much such as the snack, radio-controlled snake that looks and moves like the real thing. Realistic skin and serpentine movement mean this can easily be mistaken for the real thing! As it moves the tongue flicks in and out.
  7. This silly holiday gives you every excuse to turn the milk blue or slip a bug into someone's slipper. Try the following gags to put everyone in an uproar on April 1.
  8. Hide various alarm clocks around their room to go off very early. Set them in 10 minute intervals. This way they will have just enough time to get back in bed and get comfortable before another goes off. (Don't do this to children who are too young however because you do not want to scare them.)
  9. If your pastor's wife doesn't mind putting in the extra work, they can rearrange child's bedroom. This can be done by making everything backwards and upside down. Turn the posters upside down. Move the bed from one wall to the other wall with the head board facing out. Turn the dresser around so the drawers are against the wall. Pastor's child will be surprised when they get home from school and find their bedroom mixed up.
  10. Replace their desktop photo with a big photo of mom or dad with a caption saying "We are watching you."