Birthday Gifts for Pastor's Wife

To be said exactly, birthday is not only a personal business. Hence we can't let our pastor's wife celebrate her birthday without any blessing and birthday gifts, and this is good time to show our appreciation and concern. You should prepare something, please do it in order, here are a few thoughts to help find the perfect gift for your pastor's wife.

1. Remind your pastor to remember the birthday. Husband can remember the birthday of wife is very important and indispensable, but sometimes, our pastor may be too busy to forget this, so you should remind him.

Pastor's kids prepare their birthday gifts for their mother. This is also good time to teaching every child how to show their appreciation and love for their parents, you can guide pastor's kids prepare unique birthday gifts if they are too young to have good gift ideas.

No need to buy some expensive birthday for their mother. Homemade birthday gifts are perfect like below:

  • Birthday Cards. Make personalized birthday cards is simple and meaningful for little kids, teaching them draw birthday cake with coloring candle.
  • DIY Birthday Dessert. Teaching kids make DIY birthday dessert is fun and interesting, no matter what they are beautiful or not.
  • To do Some Housekeeping. Housekeeping involves cooking, washing dishes, sweeping and cleaning. Let them do the things they can.
  • Flowers for their mother dining room table. Seek beautiful and fresh flower from garden and band them with colored ribbon.
  • Writing Birthday Poems. "My mother is..." is possibly the most typical mother appreciation work, but it is also a good way to develop child's imagination and writing skills.

3. Birthday Party Means More. One of the best ways to show your pastor's wife how much you appreciate her friendship and her work in the church is to plan a surprise birthday celebration for her.

  • Ask church members to perform specific tasks such as preparing the birthday meal, baking and decorating a cake and decorating the space.
  • Plan some type of special entertainment such as the children's choir singing "Happy Birthday."
  • Have everyone in the congregation sign an extra-large birthday card. You can purchase these cards in many retail stores.

4. Crystal Plaque for Pastor's WifeCrystal Gifts. There are ranges of pastor's wife gift you can choose, but the crystal pastor's wife means special. Crystal means metaphysical Chakra Balancing Energy heading power stones.

5. Gift of Charity. If your pastor’s wife spends a great deal of her time helping those in need, one of the most meaningful gifts you can give her is a donation to one of her favorite charities. You can donate either in her name or anonymously, depending on her personal philosophy on charitable donations. Present her with a certificate that shows the donation in her name. Or set up a scholarship for young people in your congregation who want to go to college but can’t afford it without help.

Let your pastor’s wife have special birthday in her life as possible as you can, you can see more pastor’s wife gift ideas to find out more appropriate gifts.