Because a pastor spends a lot of time “on-call,” the family life of a pastor can often be unpredictable. A pastor isn’t just at his job from 9 to 5 during the week and for a few hours on Sunday. He has to be available for church meetings in the evening, special events over the weekend, mission trips, youth activities and more. Not to mention all the time a pastor spends counseling parishioners, overseeing weddings and funerals and visiting with shut-ins. Because a pastor’s job can be all-consuming, it is deeply important that we remember to show our pastor’s wife ample appreciation.

For all the support and flexibility a pastor’s wife shows her husband and her husband’s congregation, pastor’s wife appreciation should be thoughtful and have real value. Whether you’re planning a memory book, special gift or luncheon in her honor, make sure it is something the whole church can get behind. Instead of purchasing a blank card or something vaguely religious, try to find something specially designed for pastor’s wife appreciation. Dayspring has several options. We've posted one below.

pastor wife appreciation card