Confirmation and First Holy Communion Gifts

The rite of First Holy Communion and the tradition of confirmation are both occasions worthy of gifts. The gifts don’t have to be expensive or extravagant; they just have to be heartfelt. Think keepsake, not present. Gifts for both these blessed occasions come from different sources. Here is a basic guide to help you when you’re shopping for that special child or teen.

Personalized Pastor Appreciation Gift Plaques

Gifts From Parents

  • Jewelry: Because a silver cross, a gold locket or special pendant is an upscale way to honor First Holy Communion or confirmation, this is an ideal gift from parents. It’s appropriate for all age groups, and for boys, tie tacks with engraving or a simple cross shaped pendant are both beautiful gestures. Here are several necklaces and pendants from the Catholic Faith Store.
  • Keepsake for Room: Another good option is a small keepsake for a child or teenagers room. A ceramic angel is perfect for a child. A teen may appreciate a small polished stone with engraving or a small statue of a saint. Something small and meaningful to keep on a shelf or a bedside table is a sweet way to remember such an important occasion of faith. Ann’s Ceramics features angels that are already detailed as well as some you can paint yourself.

Gifts From Godparents

  • Gifts that can be Engraved: Godparents play an important spiritual role in a child’s life and should be closely tied to the rite of confirmation and First Holy Communion. An engravable remembrance is a wonderful choice for a godparent gift. You choose the medium; stone, wood, pottery or crystal are all lovely, versatile options. Crystal Central sells gorgeous 100% optical crystal pieces that can be personalized at no extra cost. Many of their products are specially designed for religious occasions. View the choices here.
  • Cross for the Wall: Want to brighten a child’s room and remind them of God’s everlasting love at the same time? A ceramic cross wall hanging is a great choice for godparents honoring First Holy Communion and confirmation. Here’s a lovely example for a young child’s room from

Gifts from Church Leaders

  • Personalized Bibles: Members of the church community; priests, staff members or teachers of religious study may want to gift children going through First Holy Communion or Confirmation. For individual children, a personalized bible is a great choice. The gift is simple and honors the spirituality of the occasion. Leather bibles can be engraved with initials and cloth bible covers can be embroidered. Here is a nice example for a boy or girl.
  • Gift to Whole Class: If a church wants to honor an entire group of children celebrating First Holy Communion or confirmation, there are a lot of gift options that won’t break the bank, but make a significant statement. On option is a crystal plaque with the name of each child engraved, as well as the date. Some churches have paths made of bricks and walking stones that can also be engraved with the name of a confirmation class, for example. Here’s a crystal bible with ample room for several names as well as ceremony details.