Pastor Anniversary Gifts

pastor anniversary is great time to show appreciation and recognition for pastor and his family.

Appreciation is a fundamental human emotion need, and our pastor is no exception for he is also ordinary human beings, with limited energy, time, and strength. He often has wife and children that also need their time, attention, and love as well. He also needs time for rest and recreation, he also has down days and dry times in his faith walk, just as you and I do.

So, pastor anniversary is worth celebrating to show pastor appreciation. A pastor’s anniversary is often overlooked or under-utilized. Researchers know that humans need mental landmarks to help them make sense out of life. Just like pastor help them find the light of our life.

But how to celebrate pastor anniversary?

Major anniversaries such as  the 10th, 25th or even a 50th year at the church calls for a bigger celebration and dinner. But every anniversary could be noted with a themed event.

Here are some pastor anniversary programs ideas are creative and sincere:

  • Pray for pastor.
  • Throw a pastor anniversary party for pastor’s closest family and friends
  • Plant a tree in honor of pastor. Set an engraved rock at the base with the pastor’s name and the years of service.
  • Enlist congregational members with gardens to deliver fresh produce during harvest season.
  • Plan a church bonfire.
  • Provide a testimony time during a worship service, giving people the opportunity to share how the pastor has impacted their lives.
  • Plan a church picnic.
  • Participate in renovating part of the pastor’s home or helping with maintenance projects.
  • Distribute individual quilt squares to congregational members and encourage each family to personalize its square.
  • Establish a Pastor Anniversary Team who will be looking for ways to honor pastor throughout the year.