Homemade Mother's Day Gifts for Pastor's Wife from Kids

In selecting gifts for pastor's wife on Mother's Day, you can think about what they may like and what may be useful to make their lives a little easier. But every mom hopes received Mother's Day gifts from their kids, so it is better that teach your pastor's kids to make simple but meaningful gifts for their mom. You will be interested in creative gift ideas for pastor's wife.

Here are three homemade gifts pastor's kids may like them:

Homemade Beaded Necklace

Mom can't not nitpick the beaded necklace especially from their kids. You can teach kids to make the necklace with sparkle and repurpose.

  1. Assemble the pattern you would like to make for your necklace. You can also use a bead board to do this.
  2. Attached two jump rings so you would be able to slide the broken part of the sparkly butterfly hair clip on the necklace. The broken hair clip will be the pendant for the necklace.
  3. Slipped the first jump ring of the pendant on the beading wire, and then added the aqua colored bead. After this you added the other side of the jump wring to the pendant.
  4. Now place one black glass bead on each side of the pendant. Then follow this order change different colored glass.
  5. Once all the beads were added to both sides of the necklace I attached the clasp to each side using jewelry pliers.

Mother's Day Card

Mother's Day card is traditional and simple gift. Pastor's wife must love the homemade Mother's Day card. Everyone can make their own special card.

  1. Take a piece of colored construction paper or Bristol board
  2. Fold it one of three ways. Fold it in half so that it opens left to right like a regular card.
  3. Write "Happy Mother's Day" on the front in large fancy print or writing.
  4. Use various writing tools like colored markers, paint, pencil crayons or pens.
  5. Decorate the front with drawings of flowers, hearts or any pictures your mother likes.
  6. Open your card. Glue a photo of pastor's kids and their mother on the left side of the card.

Personalized Apron

A personalized photo apron adds a fun element to cooking for a pastor's wife, a mom who loves to bake or a backyard-barbecue master, and it can make a great mother's day gift for every mother in their life.

  1. Choose a digital image you'd like to have on your apron.
  2. Sketch the design with pencil onto paper to see how it will look.
  3. Use fabric paint. Lay the apron on a flat surface, smooth it out, and then apply the fabric paint over your light pencil lines.
  4. Give it time to dry
  5. Add embellishments.
  6. After the paint dries completely, add various embellishments what pastor's wife will enjoy.

Crystal Plaque

Mother's Day Gift for Pastor's Wife

Crystal plaque can be custom ordered with an etched image of pastor's family or engrave Mother's day Poem for pastor's wife .The plaque can be small and added to an award or keepsake box, or it can be made large and flat to look like a painting on the wall.