Father's Day Activities for Pastor

If you don't think your Father's Day Gifts can not enough show your appreciation and support, then you can help your pastor's kids celebrate the special day for their father with unique Father's Day activities.

Personalized Pastor Appreciation Gift Plaques

Here are some ideas for activities, Father's day gifts aside, that you can make part of your festivities.

A Meal Fit for Dad

As a family activity, pastor's kids can make a meal with all dads' favorites. This is a great chance for kids to learn how to cook Braised fish and to really get the inside scoop on what goes into dad's favorites.

Hand-Painted Flower Pots

Hand-Painted Flower Pots

Many dads enjoy gardening, and what better way to let your dad know how much you like spending time with him than to paint him a great flower pot and include a packet of seeds? That way, you can enjoy making the gift, and then you can spend time together planting the seeds, and watching your potted mini-garden grows.

Daddy Gifts

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Hide and Get Dad

In this game, little kids hide and Dad gets to find them. Kids love hiding and while dad is looking for them he can enjoy his cup of coffee and some Father's day cookies. The longer they stay hidden, the more chance they will be the winner. So dad can even get through the entire paper while the kids are hiding.

After dad calls out that he gives up, any child who has not been found gets to come jump on dad. You can play several rounds of this game so dad gets to enjoy some down time while also playing a game that kids love. This is also good chance to bonding with their children for they have no enough time to do this.

BBQ & Grilling

If he loves to grill and host BBQ's, he will be really easy to buy for! Everything from grilling tools & aprons to gourmet meats & spices are cool gifts for Dad. For an extra touch, have the items personalized or package them in a gift basket!

Sports Game

If your pastor is interested in sports game, he is a golf lover, there is no better way for him buy many kinds Father's Day gifts than play golf with him.


Fishing is the activity of hunting for and trying to catch fish. Fishing is ancient and worldwide practice with various techniques and traditions. To some degree fishing has even become a sport. Tournament anglers that make a living fishing would obviously argue that it is a sport. Your pastor may be just a fishing lover, so prepare a new fishing gear for pastor and pastor's kids, this will be happy Father's Day in your pastor's life.