Mothers Day Cards for Pastor Wife

Mothers Day Cards for Pastor wife

Mother's Day is coming and it is a unique opportunity for us to express our gratitude and love to our dear mothers, this is also good time to show our appreciation for our pastor's wife. Choose from a variety of cards to make for pastor's wife will be perfect gift ideas.

A card is a very traditional thing when it comes to Mother’s day gifts ideas 2011. If you want to get a card but spice it up a little bit they have cards with music and with voice recordings. Prepare a homemade Mother's day card will be more meaningful.

But you may want to know more information about how to make the mother's day card, it is not difficult, follow these steps:

  1. Take a piece of colored construction paper or Bristol board. You'd better choose a piece of colored construction paper or Bristol board.
  2. Fold it in half so that it opens left to right like a regular card. Fold it top to bottom so that it opens upward. Or fold it in three so that it has three panels with the left side and the right side opening in the middle.
  3. Write Happy Mother's Day on the front
  4. Decorate the front with drawings of flowers, hearts or any pictures your mother likes.
  5. Then you can choose special photo you have found, you can ask your pastor to help you, seek the photo with pastor's family. Sometimes you can easily frame by photo corner tabs bought at the craft store.
  6. Write appreciation wording to pastor's wife. You will be interested in this step and your pastor's wife also read your heart from those appreciation wording or pastor's wife poems, as with any card, there are slogans that the card had printed on it.
  7. Sign the card with your name at the bottom.

Many people are tired of doing the same old for their Moms, they want to do something new and fun that will show their mom or wife how much they care. Your homemade Mother's Day card can help you.