Pastor Ordination Service

Pastor Ordination Service

Ordination is the process of ministers of the gospel affirming the call, equipping, beliefs, and maturity of a man to become the pastor of a church.

In the Old Testament ordination was used to affirm a man to serve God’s purpose.

Ordination validated God’s will for a fully qualified man to serve God and His people.

In the Christian tradition, the rite of ordination has ancient roots, stretching back to the Biblical stories of Moses, Aaron and Joshua.

Through ordination, an individual is designated by the church as a teacher, a leader of worship and a pastor and spiritual guide.

Structure a pastor ordination service to let the community acknowledge the spiritual journey of the candidate and celebrate and give thanks for the gift of ministry.

Pastor Ordination Service

Pastor Ordination Service

Begin the pastor ordination service with an opening hymn and a prayer, both of which should be centered on such themes as calling, service mission and the pastor ordination gifts of the Spirit.

Moses ‘ordained (ml yd, “filled the hand of”) Aaron and his sons to the priesthood of Israel.

Moses symbolically represented God’ s will for Aaron to serve as high priest by the laying on or stretching of hands, thus authenticating or ordaining Aaron for priestly ministry. This same procedure appears in Leviticus 16:32 and Numbers 3:3.

Then formally present the candidate. Include statements of commendation made by a representative of the parish or congregation, and one made by the regional or diocesan representative.

Both can share their impressions of the candidate, including his contributions, commitment and pastor gifts in ministry.

Pastor Ordination Service

Pastor Ordination Service

The laying on of hands (ordination ceremony) was a symbolic gesture of setting aside a person, animal, or object for the service of God and it was a symbolic gesture for identification.

Invite those ministers in attendance to surround the candidate, who may sit or kneel, and place their hands upon his head.

Instruct the service leader to offer a prayer, petitioning God to send the Holy Spirit upon the candidate and to bless her with the gifts of leadership, discernment and virtue.


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